NC women offer guidance, support for equity in education

Black History Month

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)– Two local women are making a difference in education around the Triangle. 

In 2018, Devin Warmack and Dr. Sasha Crocker started a company called Teach It! Education Consulting Group.

Their mission is to guide schools, educators and parents to creating learning environments that support equity in education by putting systems in place that ensure success of all students. 

Warmack and Crocker say the idea was born out of frustration.

“We were instructional facilitators and we just kind of talked about our students and what we noticed,” Warmack said. “We served in a Title 1 school with 100 percent free and reduced lunch, and it was kind of like, there were so many inequities we saw and so much lack of resource.”

It’s an issue in education that, they say, dates back to redlining — a decades old form of racial discrimination.

“So those areas that were red lined are still lower socioeconomic status and therefore the tax they pay is low which means the schools that they fund don’t get as much money,” Crocker said.

So, through Teach It!, Warmack and Crocker offer what they call tailor-made support, one-to-one coaching, faculty team building, and equity training among other services, despite a lack of school resources. 

“So, for coaching a guided reading group, I’m going to talk to them about making sure that you choose text that students can see themselves in,” Warmack said. “Or if you’re doing a read aloud, I know that your curriculum is saying this, but you could read a book called ‘Jabari Jumps’, it’s about a little brown Boy who learns to swim.”

For Warmack and Dr. Crocker, Teach It! is all about student achievement, a mission they hope to expand across the country. 

“For us that where our heart is, with the students and getting them what they deserve,” said Dr. Crocker.

“We’re going to do what we can do, one school at a time , one teacher at a time to help the students that we know definitely need this help,” Warmack said.

Like many businesses, the women had to adjust their services due to the pandemic. 

Right now, services are being offered virtually rather than in the classroom.

To learn more about Teach It! and the services available, click here.

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