CBS 17’s Angela Taylor sits down with the legendary Dolly Parton

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Dolly Parton is a household name – and for good reason.

 She can do it all and pretty much has.

Aside from being an actress, author, and music legend, she is also one of the most giving people you’ll ever meet. 

“Well, when you get into a position to help, you should. And you should find things that are near and dear to your heart. I like to be there when you know the chips are down,” Parton said. 

CBS 17’s Angela Taylor sat down with Parton and discussed her ongoing efforts to give back. 

After the Great Smoky Mountain wildfires in late 2016, she hosted her own telethon and raised $9 million for her home state. 

“I’m always willing to do my part so we have a lot of wonderful people that are on board and I just try to do what is right,” Parton told Taylor. 

Parton’s life didn’t start out as glamorous as it is today. 

In fact, her daddy, as she likes to refer to him, couldn’t even read or write. 

“He was so smart and so good and such a great man to actually raise a house full of kids with no education,” she said. 

It’s the reason she started her Imagination Library, a book-giving program that mails free books to children from birth until they begin school. 

“And he loved it and he got to live long enough to see it doing well and to hear the kids call me ‘The Book Lady,’” Parton said. “He thought that was the neatest thing. He was prouder than the fact that I was a star.”

And a big star she is but it wasn’t always sequins and high notes. 

“Well, now I happen to be fortunate because I lived in a man’s world my whole life. I have six brothers and my dad, all my uncles my grandpas and all my boy counsins and I was very close to them. So I’ve never met a man that doesn’t remind me of someone in my family,” Parton said. So I always know how to work with men and their personalities.”

“Of course as a girl you go through a lot of stuff, you know a lot of people hit on you, but I hit on a lot of people myself.”

Her laugh is contagious – you can’t help but smile when you hear it.

 It may be the reason she has such a diverse following.

“I’m intrigued with people. I’m fascinated with people. Everyone has something wonderful to offer. And I love getting to know people who they are and as they are,” she said. 

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