RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It’s gone from quiet quitting, to quiet firing, and now it’s “quiet cutting.”

Quiet cutting isn’t the same thing as layoffs. Your job is gone, but you’re still employed.

The Wall Street Journal just defined this new phase of employment. Essentially, you are reassigned to a job which you might not have ever even considered.

Companies don’t want to lose top talent they spent years recruiting, but they want to trim costs.

Some believe it is a way to push out high-earning workers without firing them– put them in a job they’ll hate so they quit.

So, what are some pending signs of reassignment?

The easiest is being put into a job that is below your experience and/or pay level.

Being offered a role that requires relocating, or being assigned to a part of the company which is rumored to be eliminated in the near future.

This isn’t just being seen in high-dollar, corporate positions. The same practice can occur in almost any industry.