RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With less than two months before early voting begins, you can count on seeing more political ads. That includes the first ads for the biggest toss up congressional race in the state.

State Senator Wiley Nickel (D) and Bo Hines (R) are both running for the newly drawn U.S. House District 13. The district covers southern Wake County, parts of Harnett County, Wayne County and all of Johnston County.

In one ad, Nickel’s daughter serves as narrator while Hines’ wife has the same role in his ad. The tones are similar, but have different messages.

Nickel’s video says he’ll not only stand up to the far right, but also the far left. Meredith College political science professor David McLennan says that’s easier to claim when there is no incumbent, which is the case for the newly drawn 13th congressional district.

“We know that congress as an institution has got low approval ratings so it’s a pretty tried and true formula. Run against congress run against the extremes on both sides,” he said.

During the primary season Hines ran hard on former president Donald Trump’s endorsement. But Trump’s name is not mentioned in Hines’ first ad for the general election.

“Because he got the Trump endorsement before the primary and he spent his entire campaign talking about the Trump endorsement, it would be harder for him to move to the center, which is what people typically do during the general election,” McLennan said.

Hines focuses on parental decisions in education, jobs and small businesses.

Nickel spends time talking about increasing funding for the police and cutting taxes for the middle class. While Nickel relays that he in the center, but Hines’ ad implies that is not the case. And that is exactly what McLennan says the Nickel campaign anticipated.

“It’s probably a formula we’re going to see played out time and time again from Beasley to Nickel to many of the other congressional candidates across North Carolina,” said McLennan.