Moving Forward: Durham minister says city’s crime is ‘multi-faceted problem’ that needs ‘multi-faceted solution’

Moving Forward

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Gun violence is on the rise in Durham – specifically among young people.

Recently, children ages10, 11, and 17 were injured in separate weekend shootings.

It’s a growing issue CBS 17 has spoke with both law enforcement and city leaders about in an effort to address ways to prevent it.

In this edition of Moving Forward, CBS 17’s Marius Payton speaks with Minister Paul Scott – an activist who has some bold ideas about ways to combat the problem.

Payton began the conversation with a question about Durham’s crime problem right now.

“I think there’s disillusion with the current system,” said Scott. “I think people feel like they’re trying to make it the best way they can. We call it from hood-to-hood. And hood stands for ‘Hope Over Despair.'”

CBS 17’s Marius Payton and Minister Paul Scott

Which begged the question if he thought the crime problem was because of a lack of hope that some people in Durham are feeling.

“A lot of these young people don’t think they matter,” Scott said. “We have to convince ourselves first that we matter. We’ve failed to tell future generations to love themselves – and that’s the problem.”

Scott said it is as simple as “if you love yourself, you won’t shoot what looks like yourself.”

The minister admitted it is a multi-faceted problem that requires a multi-faceted solution.

Payton then we asked about those solutions and his plan to have communities in Durham move forward.

“For every church, every organization and even individuals adopt one block in this city and go to that block every week at least on a consistent basis to get to know the young people in that community. People in general, especially young people, and start a conversation. That’s how it starts.”

Scott also said everyone from music producers to Hollywood needs to pay close attention to what’s happening in urban communities.

The influence of pop culture on young people is evident consistently in those communities.

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