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We spend close to a third of our lives in bed.  When we sleep, it’s a time for our bodies to rest and rejuvenate.  To ensure we get the most out of our sleep, our beds should be comfortable, supportive, and free of harsh chemicals.  Although many of us have become aware of harmful chemicals in our food, most people are unaware of the chemicals that linger in our homes and even in our mattresses.

Most mattresses contain some combination of polyurethane foam (often called memory foam), chemical flame retardants, formaldehyde, stain blockers, and other materials made from harsh chemicals linked to illnesses like respiratory disease and cancer. For example, polyurethane foam is made from petroleum and can emit volatile organic compounds (also known as VOC’s). When these VOC’s are released from mattresses into our homes (called “off gassing”), not only do they leave an offensive smell, but they harm our bodies when we breathe in these chemicals especially when we sleep. Similarly, chemical flame retardants seep into our bodies and the bodies of our children when we sleep – these chemicals have been detected in our blood and found in breast milk.

At The Organic Bedroom in Raleigh, you will find a wide selection of mattresses and bedding made from natural materials such as cotton, wool and natural latex.  Mattresses made from natural materials have natural benefits.  For example, the wool used in mattresses has many benefits – it helps regulate temperature for those of us that “sleep hot”, wick away moisture, defend against allergens like dust mites, and acts as a natural fire barrier (which removes the need for toxic flame retardants).

In addition to mattresses free of toxic chemicals for adults, The Organic Bedroom carries youth and crib mattresses and a wide selection of natural bedding like sheets, comforters, toppers, pillows, and much more. We understand that mattress shopping can be both confusing and frustrating.  When you visit our store, we’ll take the time to tell you about our mattresses, show you the materials used to make them, and help you find a healthy mattress that meets your needs for both support and comfort. 

If you would like to learn more, visit our website, stop by our showroom in Raleigh located in the Oak Park Shopping Center on Glenwood Avenue, one mile North of Crabtree Valley Mall, or call us: (919) 521-5566.  We look forward to helping you and your family sleep healthy.

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