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Closets are the unsung heroes of the housing industry. Whether you’re looking for your favorite pair of pants or trying to remember where you put the vacuum cleaner, chances are you’re walking in and out of closets several times a day. That’s why more and more people are optimizing and adding a personal touch to these storage spaces.

Closets are typically seen as a necessity rather than a luxury – but now, they can be both! More and more people are using the extra space to add some flair to their home. Closet renovations allow homeowners to take on the role of interior designer. Whether they’re deciding to go with a his or her closet or do away with the dressers completely, the customer’s vision plays a huge role in every step of the process.

Because closet renovations are more popular than ever, some companies are investing in research tools to help customers during the planning process. Due to the rise of services like planning guides and design centers, it’s never been easier for homeowners to redesign their storage space.

In addition to all the benefits, the rise of renovation has also resulted in some negative trends. It’s important for customers to remember that not all companies are as invested in your dream closet as you are. Some companies are not producing their own products, which limits the homeowner’s ability to customize their solution to maximize storage facility.  

Closet Factory has been exceeding customer expectations for 35 years without sacrificing quality. The company’s team of experts is as skilled in design manufacturing and installation as it is in customer service. That’s why they developed an innovative design tool that allows customers to browse and pull from concepts they like and want to implement in their very own home. In addition to the design tool, they also offer online guides to help you get started

“At Closet Factory we pride ourselves in really maximizing the efficiency of a design from a storage perspective, without compromising aesthetics or blowing through the budget,” says Closet Factory Raleigh’s President, Michael Pail. “Given that we use our employees to design, manufacture in Apex, and install our product, we can assure a high level of quality and can therefore offer a lifetime guarantee against material and workmanship defects for the life of the product.”

Closet Factory is located at 2031 Production Drive in Apex. You can schedule a free consultation today at www.closet 

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