As the weather in Raleigh begins to cool down and the leaves start to fall it is time to start thinking about how to prepare your lawn for the winter. The experts at Clay’s Power Equipment have all the resources you will need to make sure your grass is prepared for the winter weather.

Before you start to prepare your grass for the fall it is good to know what type of grass you may have. Bermuda, Zoysia, and Fescue are a few of the more common types of grasses in the Raleigh-Durham area. It is key to remember that even though Bermuda turns brown in the winter months it is merely dormant due to the cold weather.

With the arrival of autumn, the leaves are beginning to fall from all the oak trees. It is essential to remember to either rake your leaves from your lawn or if you receive curbside pickup to blow the leaves onto the curb. Do not chop leaves up with your mower and leave them on the grass. Leaves that are left on lawns will slowly deteriorate into the soil and slowly release acid that will throw off the pH balances within the grass.

“Grass is a plant. It still needs water, dirt and sun,” says Wes Hoerr, the owner of Clay’s Power Equipment. If leaves are not removed from lawns it will make it more difficult for the water and sun to penetrate the soil and the acid within the leaves will ultimately make it more difficult for the soil to take in the nutrients from the fertilizer.

Once the leaves are removed from the lawn be sure to cut your lawn lower for the winter months to prevent possible diseases. The Stihl MM56 is a multi-faceted lawn tool that gives a homeowner eight different options that are best for their lawn and will prepare the grass effectively for the fertilizer.

New seeds will need to be planted once your lawn has been cut lower. The lower lawn will allow the sun light to reach the new seedlings. Whereas if the lawn is kept higher the new seedlings will compete with weeds and may lodge within the tall grass.

For grass to grow strong and turn a bright green in the spring a key component is fertilizer. As the temperature has gotten cooler in the Raleigh- Durham area, a homeowner can start to fertilize till the end of October. If by chance leaves were left idle on the grass, lime seed mixed in with fertilizer can help bring your soil to the correct pH level. The lime seed will bring down the acid within the soil which will allow the soil to store the nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that is contained within fertilizer.

For more questions on how to best prepare your grass for the winter as well as what equipment is best, head to Clay’s Power Equipment located at 2031 New Hope Church Road, Raleigh, NC.