Sponsored Content: Makeover Your Diet in 2021

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Are you looking to upgrade your nutrition in 2021? According to Registered Dietitian Monica Aulander Moreno, a key to eating better is adding healthy, versatile foods that you would look forward to eating. As an example, she offers noosa Greek Yoghurt. Noosa is a whole milk yoghurt that delivers 12 grams of protein while limiting the sugar to 12 grams.

Noosa helps you find balance in your breakfast and snacking routines and provides a healthy ingredient for recipes. Monica offers one of her favorite recipes, caramelized pears with a noosa Greek Yoghurt drizzle. To prepare this snack, you wash the pears then boil them in water until soft. Once cooled, you can top the pears with noosa Greek Yoghurt and sprinkle them with your choice of spices.Find out more about noosa Greek Yoghurt at www.noosayoghurt.com.

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