Joanna’s time at My Carolina is coming to an end next month.

As you may know, she’s a military wife and her incredibly dedicated husband earned a very well-deserved promotion, but it involves relocating their family back to Virginia. Joanna says she’s very sad to leave the show because she’s been here since the beginning. As many of you know, it started as five minutes less than three years ago and it’s taken some sweat and tears to grow it to the full-hour you see now. 

“I’m sad to leave my team here– Carly and our guys in commercial production, our entire production crew here on My Carolina, my friends in our news department and our sales department — and of course, so many of the show’s incredible friends and clients.” 

The show will continue with a new show producer starting Monday, June 13th. And we’ll introduce you to the new face who will be continuing the fun on My Carolina alongside Carly.