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As rising college freshman across the country start settling into their new dorms and apartments, one North Carolina university is getting ready for the year ahead.

Saint Augustine’s University welcomed students back to campus the week of August 5th. This year’s motto: “Find Your Future at SAU,” a slogan the school has been committed to for over 150 years. The university’s impact on students’ success can be seen clearly by examining alumni like Rodrick T. Miller (SAU class of ’99). Miller was recently appointed CEO of Invest Puerto Rico, a non-profit investment promotion organization.   

In a recent interview with the Foundation of Puerto Rico, Miller said, “It’s not just about bringing in jobs and investments, which is a core principle of economic development […] but you also want to create opportunity and give a sense of hope that there is a better future.”  He emphasized that the ultimate goal of bringing in investment is for socioeconomic development and broad-based prosperity.

Rodrick discusses Invest Puerto Rico’s wide-ranging set of responsibilities. Other than marketing Puerto Rico as a prime destination, Invest Puerto Rico also needs to anticipate where the economy is going, increase the population by attracting talented people, and build capacity to meet investment demands.

With 15 years of experience working with Detroit’s bankruptcy and dealing with Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath in New Orleans, Miller is well aware of the importance of consistency in economic development, which he says should be unhindered by politics. “By having a professional team that’s non-partisan, non-political, in place, you ensure that there’s consistent service to companies across the board.”

Miller is just one example of a long list of Saint Augustine’s alumni who have gone on to achieve national (and international) success. Now, as a new crop of students gets ready to make their own mark on SAU, excitement on campus is at an all-time high.

“I would not be the man I am today without the knowledge and experience that I was exposed to [at Saint Augustine’s University],” says alumnus and Duke Energy employee, Denard Haney. “I can proudly say that I earned an internship in Real Estate with the one of the top Utility Companies in the country and I’m thankful that I was able to grow into a career there three years later.”

The potential that can be unlocked with a diploma from SAU is just one of the reasons students should be looking forward to their time at the university. In fact, a lot of past students would probably argue that their time on campus was just as enjoyable as life after graduation. That has a lot to do with the school’s location.

Saint Augustine University’s positioning in the heart of downtown Raleigh puts its students at the epicenter of one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. With about 188 people moving to Wake County every day, the networking and real-world experience opportunities available in Raleigh are second-to-none. Click here to learn more about SAU’s history in the capital city.  

Check out the Saint Augustine’s University website for more information about the admissions process and financial aid opportunities.