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You’ve got questions about vet care. We’ve got answers! The Eno team is here to help your pet live the best life.

What is my first Eno visit going to be like?

We’re all about best care. We want to get to know your unique fur baby and give pet parents all the best information to help make the best vet care decisions.

Our full nose-to-tail exam establishes the essential doctor/patient relationship and starts care off on the right paw.

We’ll ask lots of questions. The more we know about your dog or cat—diet, behavior, lifestyle, favorite activities, likes and dislikes—the better!

We’re ready to…

  • Update vaccines
  • Prescribe life-saving parasite prevention
  • Perform crucial lab work to reveal any invisible health issue
  • Identify any problem as early as possible and give our best treatment recommendation
  • Address any questions or concerns you have in detail

We’re here to keep your pet healthy and happy for a good, long life. We look forward to a life-long friendship. Preventative medicine is the best medicine.

Please tell us anything and everything about your pet! We’re listening.

What if my pet is extremely nervous?

We’re all about happy visits, full of treats and love. For anxious dogs and cats, we have proven methods of going slow and gaining trust, often over time.

Dr. Robyn and many Eno team members are certified Fear Free. Fear Free is a special certification that denotes extensive training in preventing and alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.

We prioritize both physical and emotional well-being. We reward, celebrate, and maximize positive experiences with high-value treats and praise. We know how to be calm, quiet, patient, and gentle. We will not rush or force a pet to do anything that escalates fear.

Fear Free involves compassion, collaboration, and nurturing. It often involves sedation, as calming medicine is a wonderful tool to help anxious pets get the care they need.

If your pet is nervous, we can help.

Does my pet really need a teeth cleaning?

Absolutely! Dental care is key to your pet’s health and happiness. Just like you, your pet needs regular dental care to prevent damaging dental disease.

Dental disease is extremely common in pets. Left untreated, it can have major—even life-threatening—consequences.

We can prevent and even reverse early dental disease by removing plaque and tartar at annual dental cleanings. Let’s catch and treat dental disease! Well before damage occurs and surgery to extract teeth is often necessary.

We’re here to help with dental care.

Do you have grooming?

Yes! Our pet parents told us they wanted a one-stop-shop, so we have it. We adore pampering pets, and Eno pets adore their spa days. Learn all about Eno grooming.

Do you have boarding?

Yes! We have specially designed boarding amenities for dogs and cats. We know it takes trust to board your fur baby, and we love being your pet’s home away from home. Learn all about Eno boarding.

We’re all about the whole pet—and would love to be your vet. Join our happy family!

To read more Eno FAQ, visit our website at https://enoanimalhospital.com/faq/.

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