RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — If it’s not the 96 rides, it may be the nearly 40 new types of fair food that will have people excited to visit the N.C. State Fair.

“The fun, the foods, the rides… for me It’s the food, I don’t do much of the rides, but I definitely love the food,” said Montrell Roper of Raleigh.

Roper said he’s been coming back to the fair for years and was one of several people in line to purchase an advance ticket Wednesday afternoon.

He added, “People are here early for the sale, everything is $10, I believe, at least for adults.”

Heather Overton, Assistant Director of the State Fair Press Office, said people have until Thursday at midnight to purchase advance tickets that will save them some money for admission and rides.

Overton said fair staff have been very busy doing last minute preparations.

She said, “A week ago you could start to see things come together, and if you look around today, it looks like a fair… the fair really showcases the best of North Carolina.”

With up to 100,000 visitors a day, Overton said security continues to be one of their top priorities.

Overton said multiple law enforcement agencies will be working together to keep people safe.

“You will see officers on the ground and we will also have officers dressed in plain clothes, so you might not see them,” she said.

Fair staff are also reminding parents to tell their children to look for a person in uniform if they get lost or separated.

If you’re someone who’s hoping to avoid the crowds and longer lines, Overton said the first Thursday and Friday are typically the least populated days to head out.

“I think people think they’re really busy days because the fair just opened, but they’re actually really great days to attend,” she said.

Overton said people can also utilize the new parking area and shuttle near Highway 54 and Chapel Hill Road. The lot offers 2,500 spaces and drops off visitors at Gate 7.

If you have to bring a bag, Overton said a clear bag will help you get through security quickly. Other bags will have to go through an extra search and may take longer.

For more information on parking, advance tickets sales and schedules, click here. Gates open Oct. 13 at noon. 

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