3-year-old girl killed by family’s newly adopted dog

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DUNCAN, Oklahoma (WCMH/CNN) – A 3-year-old girl in Oklahoma was killed by the family’s new dog just days after they brought it home.

“I got the phone call. You know, ‘Your daughter and the dog.’ That’s all I heard,” Jason Dodge, 3-year-old Rylee’s dad, told KSWO.MORE NEWS:Boy killed by pack of dogs that he played with and fed daily

Rylee had been attacked by the family’s new dog, Remington. The family had received Remington from a friend just five days before the girl’s death.

“I was very cautious about it. I don’t just bring random dogs into my home. I took my son over there and the dog didn’t attack him. It loved him and gave him a hug and licked him in the face and everything,” said Dodge.

“I brought him here and my son would come outside all day long to play with him and didn’t do nothing to him. And then I bring my daughter here, two days prior to that, and this happens,” Dodge added.MORE NEWS: 22-year-old woman was mauled to death by own dogs, sheriff says

Medics tried to save Rylee Dodge, but were unsuccessful.

When police arrived Dodge told them to shoot the dog.

“I was like, ‘Kill this dog. Just shoot it down or I will.’ And he did. He shot it in the backyard,” Dodge told KSWO.

Police put the dog down and continue to investigate the incident.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON:

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