WILSON, N.C. (WNCN) – A ninth dead dog has been found in Wilson County.

Talia Sutton, a neighbor, said she spotted the dog Monday and called animal control. It’s unclear if it’s connected to the others.PREVIOUS: Several dead dogs in trash bags found in 4 days along roads in Wilson County

Sutton said the dog was likely dumped there around 3 p.m. She doesn’t believe the animal belongs to neighbors.

This case is different from the others, because the dog wasn’t left in a trash bag.

The incidents started about two and a half weeks ago when three dead dogs were found along a rural road outside of Elm City.

A few days later another dog was found off Baldree Road in Wilson. Despite calling animal control, Kim Edmondson, the president of the Wilson County Humane Society, said the dog was never picked up.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, which oversees animal control, said the officer called the city’s sanitation department.

Incident reports obtained by CBS North Carolina show these calls are listed as “calls for service,” with very little information provided.

The dogs are different breeds and it’s been hard to tell how long they’ve been dead.

Animal advocates have started a petition, by Monday night it had more than 1,100 signatures.The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office declined to comment on Monday, but released a statement on Tuesday afternoon:

Hello, I informed Mrs. Cutler that this is an active on-going investigation. I have also informed her that the information that she is reporting is not accurate. I previously informed her that the nature of how these dogs are being found is part of the investigation. I would hope that she would understand to protect the integrity of this case that certain information cannot be released immediately. I have informed her on several occasions that when an update is available we will be contacting all media outlets.

It’s my understanding that she is reporting that 9 dogs have been found which is absolutely not true. I told her without releasing details of the investigation that this is not the case. Mrs. Cutler needs to stop trying to make a case against the Wilson County Sheriff’s office and should be more respectful as other reporters who have been informed on any additional updates. Thank you.

— Wanda Samuel, spokeswoman for Wilson County Sheriff’s Office

A $2500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON: