RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)- An immersive Vincent Van Gogh exhibit is finally open in Raleigh.

This comes after customers with tickets were showing up to find the exhibit was still not open earlier this week.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is a 200,000-square-foot space that fully immerses visitors with Van Gogh’s most renowned work.

Through a self-guided tour, people step into Van Gogh’s mind to understand his art.

“The experience of one of the greatest artists in the world was exciting to come and see,” Laura Upchurch told CBS 17 after her walkthrough of the space. “I decided to come because my son is an artist and I know art myself ive studied art and love art.”

She traveled from Atlantic Beach to see the exhibit.

Not everyone has been so lucky.

Some people who traveled hours earlier this week couldn’t experience the space themselves because of a delayed opening.

They told CBS 17 they didn’t get the message about a delayed opening.

The executive producer of the experience and exhibition hub John Zaller said the delays were “part of the course.”

“Each installation has its own challenges. When you couple in supply chain issues, when you couple in delays that are related to us coming out of the pandemic, it’s sometimes inevitable that you run into these delays,” said Zaller.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the City of Raleigh said about six permits are required for the exhibit to open.

As of Wednesday evening, the spokesperson said event organizers still needed to schedule inspections for four permits.

The spokesperson said the electrical and building inspections did not pass on Wednesday, but inspectors were rescheduled for Thursday.

Those were all approved for a Friday opening.

“Any of those visitors who have had issues with tickets, we will absolutely address – 100 percent,” said Zaller.

CBS 17 dug deeper and found the Better Business Bureau has an alert for a “Pattern of Complaints” against the company. It says common issues include events “Canceled or rescheduled venues, allegedly sometimes at the last minute or with no communication”.

“Regardless of the circumstance, we’re going to deal with each one of those ticket holders individually and make sure that they’re satisfied,” Zaller said.

Impacted ticket holders can rebook for May or June. They can contact Fever through the app or at hello@feverup.com for help rescheduling or a refund.

Even with the delay, those showing up on opening day say the experience was worth the drive and the wait.

“It was mesmerizing, it was exciting. It just really put me in another state of mind,” Upchurch said.