RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Global vacation rental company Airbnb announced Tuesday it would be implementing a permanent ban on parties at their rentals.

A global ban on parties and gatherings of more than 16 people was put in place by the company in Aug. 2020. At that time, the company said more than 70 percent of their hosts already banned parties in their house rules.

Raleigh was among the cities who chose to ban parties and large gathering ahead of Airbnb’s ban. In 2021, the city voted on new rules for short term rentals in 2021. Under those rules, renters are not allowed to use Airbnbs for special events or gatherings when the home is in a residential zone. Homeowners could face civil fines of their renters break the city’s ordinance.

Earlier this month, complaints were made about an Airbnb in Raleigh. Some neighbors there said they saw up to 10 cars outside and people drinking outside the home. City council member Patrick Buffkin told CBS 17 he would work with city staff and zoning enforcement to determine whether the city’s ordinance was violated.

In North Carolina, the company reported a 59 percent year-over-year drop in party reports since the Aug. 2020 change. That’s higher than their national average of a 44 percent drop in party reports.

Under Airbnb’s new ban:

  • Parties are now prohibited on all future bookings
  • Occupancy at Airbnb listings will be capped at 16 people. This is primarily relevant to larger homes that we previously allowed to list as able to accommodate 16+ people. 
  • They are currently scoping a potential exception process for specialty and traditional hospitality venues (i.e. boutique hotels)
  • Guests will be informed about Airbnb’s party rules and informed that they may be legally pursued by Airbnb if they violate our policy. This work is currently being operationalized and will be rolled out in the near future.

The company has also implemented more measures for the July 4 holiday weekend. This will keep guests with a history of negative reviews on the platform from making one-night reservations in entire home listings. The company said this anti-party tactic was successful for the July 4 holiday weekend in 2021 and the past Memorial Day 2022.