RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) —   During the height of the confusion on Saturday afternoon, witnesses say they saw police detain a man who came to Crabtree Valley Mall with a rifle after the initial call went out.

Gavin Stone tells CBS North Carolina this happened near the entrance to the parking garage along Creedmoor Road after calls about possible gunshots inside Crabtree Valley Mall were dispatched.

He says the man walked up, wearing military-style clothing and carrying a large rifle.Related coverage: No gunshots confirmed inside Crabtree Valley Mall, police say

Stone says the man indicated he wanted to help police with the situation.

Dan Bullard, who took photos of the incident, also described the man as wanting to help and said the rifle was an M4.

Stone describes what happened next.

“Police officer confronted him, pulled his gun out on him, told him to put it down. He starts taking it apart, put his hands down on his knees and got detained,” Stone said.

Stone says no one was injured when all of this happened.

Police have not identified the man involved and it is unclear if he faces any charges.