Attempted robber shot dead by victim's soldier husband, Fayetteville police say

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) - A Fayetteville property manager said a robber was shot dead Tuesday night by the vicitm's husband.

Donna Quiles is the property manager of apartments on Netherland Drive. Quiles said a man man started knocking on doors, threatened a woman he saw outside and held her at gunpoint.

"Her husband happened to be upstairs when he heard the commotion downstairs because she was saying 'please don't shoot me,'" said Quiles.

She said the victim's husband, a soldier, shot and killed the suspect. Police confirmed Quiles' account on Thursday afternoon.

"Military people around here they're gonna have guns, you can't just go knock on a door and expect not to be met with a gun," said Quiles.

The couple was too upset to answer the door when CBS North Carolina stopped by their apartment.

"They are very upset," said Quiles.

But the property manager says the couple told her how it all happened.

She said they even caught it on security camera, but police won't release it.

"Our homicide detectives are investigating this case," said Fayetteville Police Officer Asia Cannon.

The man shot and killed has been identified as Jerome A. Allen, 51, of the 8700 block of Tin Lizza Drive. Police said the gun he was carrying was a pellet gun and not a real handgun.

No charges have been filed at this time.


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