ARLINGTON, Va. (WNCN) — A Virginia man was cited after TSA agents found 23 weapons – including brass knuckles and martial arts throwing knives – in his carry-on bag at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Wednesday, officials said.

The Transportation Security Administration said agents found the weapons when the man put his bags through the security checkpoint’s X-ray machine.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police were called to the checkpoint where the man was cited.

The TSA said the following items were found:

  • Nine disposable scalpels
  • Eight folding locking-blade knives
  • Three martial arts throwing knives
  • One dagger
  • One switchblade
  • One pair of brass knuckles

“TSA would have had no issue had all 23 of these items been packed in a checked bag, but passengers certainly cannot carry these types of weapons into the cabin of an aircraft,” the agency said in a release.

The TSA does not publicly release passenger information in any incident.