RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — There are about 80 miles worth of bike lanes in Raleigh, but are they as effective as they can be?

“It just seems really selective like, ‘Oh, we really want to be a dense, urban place, but we’re not going to invest in making that a livable safe space for the people who are coming here’,” said Minori Sanchiz-Fung, co-owner of Cycle Logic.

Sanchiz-Fung said a lot of her new customers at Cycle Logic move here from bigger cities where biking is a normal way to get around, especially downtown.

But in Raleigh, many bike lanes suddenly end.

“It gets to the point where the types of rides you do get really reduced. The infrastructure just doesn’t let you move beyond certain parts of town or it gets really unsafe to do so,” she said.

The city said eventually there will be a connected network of bike lanes. They’ve been adding them where they can with other projects to save money or in some cases where a safer bicycle connection was needed.

“Why is there no signage for cars to understand what’s happening with bicycles in their area?” asked Sanchiz-Fung.

A city spokesperson said there’s supposed to be ‘no parking’ signs at bike lanes, but they haven’t been implemented across the city so far.

“I think there’s a lot of people doing errands and just trying to get out for like five minutes, so they just whip it in,” Sanchiz-Fung added.

CBS 17 found out there are also six streets where drivers are allowed to park in the bike lanes.

Anderson Drive, Faircloth Street, Milburnie Road, Ridge Road and Saint Mary’s Street all have bicycle lanes with unrestricted parking. Some have time or area restrictions though.

The city said these were the first lanes installed and the compromise was made on parking in order to ensure approval of the project.

“I think there needs to be more bike lanes in Raleigh, more yellow signs warning people of cyclists in the area,” said cyclist Mike Saunders.

Every lane added since 2015 prohibits parking, but violations are complaint driven. If you have a complaint of cars being parked in bike lanes, contact Raleigh police.