Cary considers noise ordinance changes


CARY, NC (WNCN) — The town of Cary is about to make a change to its noise ordinance that will allow for louder noises earlier in the day — but there’s a push by some to delay that change.

It’s a complicated issue — part of which involves town boundaries.

One person can be in the backyard of a home in Morrisville — but take a few steps toward a stake on a golf course — and you are in the town of Cary — thus an owner can’t complain about the early morning noise because the person doesn’t live in Cary.

But, the impact of the expanded ordinance goes beyond golf courses.

Loud lawn mowers are the kind of thing Bob Butler is complaining about. He has home video showing golf course mowing at 6:15 a.m. on the 5th tee literally within feet of his home.

“….after 7 a.m. we don’t care what they do.. The issue is what they do before 7 a.m.,” Butler said.

Ironically Bob Butler is a member of this golf club which is one of three in town that want noise ordinances eased.

“The proposal is to expand mow the green to actually say now, blow and rake so it’s an expansion in those terms,” said Cary Police deputy chief Tony Godwin.

But Butler believes the change has unintended consequences.

“Cary actually rewrote the statute in a way that will affect everybody not just people who live in golf courses,” Butler said.

Not true says the man whose officers will be in charge of enforcing the law.

“I think its pretty specific about what it does allow– the only thing being changed tonight deals specifically with golf courses … And what golf courses are allowed to do,” Godwin said.

Burton and supporters like the Preston Community Association are going to try to get Cary town council to delay implementation of the changes until they can be studied further.

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