Caught on video: Woman swipes tip jar from restaurant at NC coast


LELAND, N.C. (WECT) – A restaurant in Leland is urging other local businesses to be on alert after a woman swiped their tip jar while employees looked away for less than a minute.

Six Happiness, an Asian restaurant in Leland, shared surveillance video that shows the incident.

In a matter of seconds, a woman grabs a tip jar from beside the cash register, hides it under her sweater, and walks quickly out of the restaurant, the video shows.

Manny Chamorro, a manager at Six Happiness, said the incident happened Thursday just before 2 p.m.

“A lady came in. First, she asked my boss for money,” said Chamorro. “She then placed an order. I turned my back to help another customer. As soon as I came back, she was gone.”

Employees noticed the tip jar was missing about an hour later when they tried to deposit money. They then watched back the surveillance video and realized the woman had stolen it, Chamorro said.

“Honestly I was very upset at the moment. We work really hard. The restaurant is big, but we are a family restaurant and work very hard for our customers.”

Chamorro said the restaurant shared the surveillance video on social media to warn other local businesses that this person might victimize their establishment.

Six Happiness employees also filed a police report with the Leland Police Department in hopes of catching the person. The Leland Police Department confirms the investigation is ongoing.

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