SELMA N.C. (WNCN) – Clogged drainage ditches along Firetower Road are no longer driving a Johnston County woman crazy after CBS 17 stepped in to help get her answers.

In an email to CBS 17’s traffic anchor Laura Smith, Deirdre O’Malley said:

“Two years ago, I called to have our street ditches dug out because the driveway culverts are half-buried in mud and debris from years of no maintenance.”

The clogged ditches caused O’Malley’s property to flood after heavy rains. She said she reached out to the North Carolina Department of Transportation but never heard back.

“I’ve filled out their work request and I’ve called numerous times to no avail. Every time we have a heavy rain the ditches flood and our street and property flood,” said O’Malley.

After CBS 17 reached out to NCDOT, crews showed up to the 1200 block of Firetower Road in Selma to get to work.

“Good news. We went out to this area this morning after your email and spoke with some of the neighbors, NCDOT spokesperson Andrew Barksdale said, “These drainage ditches and the pipes do need to be unclogged, and they are within our right of way.”

Crews plan to work on the ditches over the coming weeks.

“We’ll go back out there within the few weeks to work on unclogging (dig out some of the silt and dirt and tall weeds) the ditches around the pipe, so that storm water can better flow. We may also do some work on the shoulder ditches themselves to help make sure water is flowing better,” said Barksdale.

The Selma woman who reached out to CBS 17 is so thankful the NCDOT is helping her neighborhood get the flooding situation under control.

“GREAT JOB LAURA! Thank you for helping us powerless people out when we need it!” said O’Malley.

NCDOT encourages others with similar issues to reach out by filling out an online form.

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