RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Five local school districts will meet on Monday to decide whether students will continue wearing masks in the classroom.

There could be some pushback at the board meetings.

In Johnston and Wake counties, some parents have taken legal action against the mask requirements.

In both districts, some parents have filed claims against the school board’s liability insurance policies.

They said mask mandates in the classroom violate the Constitution and their oath of office.

On Monday, the Johnston County School Board held a special meeting and decided to get rid of the limitations they had placed around the mask-optional decision that goes into effect on Feb. 21.

That was one of the reasons why some parents in that district filed a claim against the board.

When Cara Chester went before the Johnston County School Board on Feb. 8, she came armed with a legal document, letting board members know she had every intention of filing a claim against the school board’s insurance policy.

The policy is in place to ensure professional responsibility. It is common for school boards to have this measure, although not mandated in North Carolina.

“I’ve been trying to get the masks off the kids for quite some time,” Chester said.

Now they will be in Johnston County without any limitations.

The board said its decision was not related to Chester’s claim.

Before Monday’s decision, Chester told CBS 17 that she received assistance from a website called “Bonds for the Win.”

The website has tutorials available to help parents file similar claims against their own local district school boards.

It’s the same forum Wake County parent Katie Long said, in a video online, helped her with her claim against Wake County Schools in January.

Dan Bowling is a senior lecturing fellow with Duke University’s Law School.

“If I was advising a board member, I would say don’t worry about it,” he told CBS 17. “This is something of a Hail Mary.”

However, Bowling said there is some merit to some of these parents’ concerns.

“There are valid constitutional claims against governmental edicts and mandates,” explained Bowling. “There is some limit on what governments can, the rules they can make. They cannot really dictate on a lot of these issues that they may want to.”

He doesn’t understand why parents are doing this now.

“They’re almost irrelevant at this point, even if there’s some substance to them,” said Bowling. “We see state after state, district after district dropping mask mandates.”

Wake County School officials told CBS 17 they received six claims, and that its insurance company, Liberty Mutual, is reviewing everything.

They will meet again to discuss masks in March.