CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – This month across the state, police are working to remind drivers to stay safe, especially on roads where people bike, walk or run.

CBS North Carolina caught up with Chapel Hill police Tuesday as they stopped speeders.

“They don’t like to see the lights in their mirror and know they’ve committed some kind of violation,” said Chapel Hill Police Capt. Danny Lloyd.

Officers lined Raleigh Road near UNC’s campus waiting to catch speeders as part of a bigger effort called “Watch for Me.”

“This is a major thoroughfare coming into campus, so lots of cars are coming and leaving from campus and we’ve had a history of speeding in this area as well,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd said there are lots of people biking along the road or walking the sidewalks in that area, and they just want to keep them safe. Driver Patrick Cooper agrees people speed through that area, but says sometimes you can’t help it.

“The people behind you, if you slow down, you’re going to wreck because they’re going so fast and then your momentum is coming off the hill,” said Cooper.

Cooper isn’t fond of this kind of speed enforcement. He says something else is needed to change the way people drive along that road.

“When you get to the end of the hill right at the bridge you should put a light to stop the traffic, so that way people can break their speed, instead of letting everybody go through a light and then you ticket them,” said Cooper.

“The goal here is not so much to write tickets, but to change behaviors,” said Lloyd.

He hopes at the very least, more officers in the area will remind folks to slow down.

Chapel Hill police will be monitoring speed two more times this month in different locations around town.