The clerk at the Guilford County District Attorney’s office confirms the two charges against Richard Quintero have been dismissed.

The clerk says after a psychological evaluation, Quintero was found not capable to stand trial. He was charged with breaking and entering and larceny after breaking into a Pizza Hut in the early hours of March 21 and then calling 911 on himself, claiming to be “Jesus Christ.”

It’s news his family has been elated to learn. His mother says Richard is schizophrenic and wished he wouldn’t have had to go through the criminal justice system since the incident in March.

“He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at age 19,” explains Alice Yorks, Richard’s mother, who lives in Greensboro.


After the diagnosis, Alice says Richard’s life was manageable for several years. He was married, he had a job. But around 2011-2012, things got worse. She says her son became a ward of the state, with a guardian representative and a special treatment team. She thinks he was likely homeless the night of the break-in.


“It was the most heart-wrenching thing to turn on a radio and hear my son’s voice being used as a sound byte for entertainment,” Alice explains.

That heartache only got worse. After he was arrested, Alice wasn’t able to see her son at the Guilford County Jail because she wasn’t technically his legal guardian. She hadn’t been able to get an official update on his well-being. She says her son was assigned a court-appointed attorney, but initially she couldn’t get any information from her either.

About three weeks after the arrest, Alice says she learned second-hand that her son was taken to High Point Regional Hospital after sustaining a minor injury.

“The injury was actually major,” she explains. “He had bit off a large portion of the interior part of his tongue.”

At that point, with the help of her own attorney, Alice was able to visit her son for 30 minutes at the hospital. But she wanted more.

“I’d been blocked,” she says. “I’ve been left out of all the communications. I’d been left out of being able to see him. Because if you or I were in the hospital, we would have someone with us in the hospital and he’s done this completely alone, without anybody by his side.”

After High Point Regional, Alice says Richard was taken to the hospital at Central Prison in Raleigh. She was finally able to go visit him last weekend and found out later the charges would be dropped.