Denver capturing, killing geese to feed families in need

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DENVER (CNN NEWSOURCE) — Denver has a solution to what it views as an overpopulation of Canada Geese: it’s putting goose on the menu for those in need.

If you find water in Denver, you will also find Canada Geese.

“When I’m walking through here, if you’re playing football, you’re not falling on the ground, that’s for sure because – haha, there’s a lot of goose poop,” said a man in one of Denver’s parks.

The city is trying a tasty new tactic – to reduce the numbers of geese.

Scott Gilmore, Deputy Executive Director of Denver Parks and Recreation says, “They round up the geese and they collect them at this time of year because the geese can’t fly. And what they’re taking them to a processor, and they are getting processed, and they are being donated to needy families.”

Gilmore says the city has tried everything else, including a thing called a “goosinator” — even coating eggs in cooking oil so they won’t hatch.

Despite those efforts, the population has grown to an estimated 5,000 geese.

“A goose can contribute a pound of poop a day. That is scientifically documented,” said Gilmore.

But not everyone has a problem with the poop, or the population.

“It’s been here many years. I don’t ever see it as a problem. In fact, I think they’re kind of cute,” one person said.

And one man says the thought of eating one — is quite fowl. “Are they edible?”

Still – some say it makes sense – if done responsibly.

“I think that’s definitely a suitable thing to do, without it being barbaric,” another person said.

The city partnered with the U.S. Department of Agriculture earlier this month to start reducing the Canada Geese population.

Neither is saying exactly where the meat is going for processing or where it’s ending up.

They say it’s going to hungry families somewhere in the state.

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