Georgia college math professor holds student’s baby while teaching class

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ATLANTA (CNN NEWSOURCE) — An Atlanta-area college student couldn’t find a babysitter, so his math professor offered to step in and help.

And it’s that moment of kindess that’s going viral.

High praise for a Morehouse College professor after a viral photo showed Nathan Alexander teaching a class with a student’s baby strapped to his chest.

Well, it turns out the student, Wayne Hayer, couldn’t find a sitter for his five-month-old daughter. With midterms looming, he didn’t want to miss the class, so he took her along.

The professor offered to hold the infant so Hayer could take notes. Alexander tells CNN part of his role as an educator is to provide opportunities for students, and he deflected the praise to Hayer who, he says, works two jobs as a full-time student and a parent. He also says little Assata was very well-behaved.

The photo has over 300,000 likes since it was posted on March 1.

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