RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Splash Car Wash in Raleigh’s haunted car wash is back, bringing the frights and fun right to your four wheels.

“We went through a lot of special effects, like high-quality professional stuff, we invested in a lot of professional costumes,” said Tyler Thaler, a site manager.

But it’s not just about the frights. Money raised at the car wash benefits Longleaf School of the Arts theater program, which struggled through the COVID pandemic.

Students say they’re happy to see the investment in their craft.

“I feel like the theater community at our school has a lot of spirit,” said student, Sheridan Earry. “The theater community is just really, it’s a nice, supportive environment.”

A lot of preparation goes into the show.

“It takes a lot of time to do this, the details, the number of extension cords, propane tanks, rentals for stuff, getting the actors in and out,” Thaler explained.

But it’s all to help those students pursue their dreams. Some of them even dress up as creepy characters at the car wash, practicing their skills.

“It blows me away, I mean these kids are going to be somebody, going to go somewhere, because they are just amazing,” said Christina Kenney, a manager.

The haunted car wash runs through Monday night. You can purchase a $25 ticket on site.