Judge holds law student’s baby during swearing-in ceremony

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(CNN) – A wife, a mom, and a lawyer. Those are the three things Juliana Lamar wanted in life.

And she just got all three when she was sworn in as a lawyer last week.

Not only was her husband there, but her little boy was also a part of the whole thing thanks to a judge with a soft spot.

In one Nashville courtroom, you can see Judge Richard Dinkins holding 1-year-old Beckham.

Lamar says just as they were about to begin, Judge Dinkins picked up the little boy and said, “He needs to be part of this. He’s going to do the swearing-in with me.”

It only made sense. Baby Beckham was part of Lamar’s journey to becoming a lawyer.

She got pregnant halfway through law school and worried about everything from missing too many classes to giving birth during a final exam, so she says having her little boy right there watching his mommy was amazing.

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