Man buys 1-cent Whopper for $1,000

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QUARTZ HILL, Calif. (KABC/CNN) – A California man says he tried to get a Whopper for one penny from Burger King, and it cost him a hundred-thousand times that.

That’s right, a thousand bucks.

Boyce Harvey said he attempted to take advantage of a Burger King promotion that promises a burger for one cent if you use the chain’s app to order near a McDonald’s.

The Whopper Detour meal deal says if you could prove you were at a McDonald’s, but ordered a Whopper, it would only cost you a penny.

But when he went to the restaurant, the manager couldn’t find his order.

“Order on the app and then go to Burger King,” Harvey said, explaining the process. “The manager said that they weren’t sure. First he said it didn’t come through, and then he said that he wasn’t sure that they were even a part of the promo.”

At that point, Harvey, still hungry, decided to buy food anyway. His order came to a $9 total.

As he was leaving the restaurant, though, he looked at his receipt.

He said he was instead charged more than $1,000.

According to Harvey, Burger King is trying to help him straighten out the mess, including the overdraft it caused on his account.

No word on whether he’ll ever get his one penny Whopper for his troubles.

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