Mentally-ill man attacks 90-year-old grandmother, granddaughter

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PERTH, Australia (WNCN) – A mentally-ill man who authorities say was on a three-day rampage punched and kicked two women after he thought they were witches, Nine Network reports. 

The man was acting strange towards a 90-year-old woman at an ATM in Perth, Australia.

That’s when the woman’s granddaughter rushed in to see if the man had stolen her grandmother’s money. 

The suspect then turned around and punched the 29-year-old granddaughter. 

He then circled around and kicked her in the back.  

The kick forced the woman into her grandmother who then fell back and hit her head. 

The 90-year-old needed stitches and was left with two black eyes. 

Video of the incident was released after the suspect was arrested and served a jail sentence. 

Authorities said the suspect is a paranoid-schizophrenic who stopped taking his medication at the time.  

He told investigators the women were witches who were using sorcery to rob him. 

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