Mom of seven kids competes to be on the cover of fitness magazine

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EDINBORO, Pa. (WJET) — An Edinboro mother is taking her fitness journey to a new level.

After giving birth to seven kids, this mom is trying to step foot on a fitness magazine cover.

Ashley Ponsoll has given birth to a set of triplets, twins, and two single children.

After being a collegiate soccer player at Edinboro University, Ponsoll has always had a passion for being fit.

Today even with her seven kids, she now is trying to achieve her dream of being on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine, but she needs the help of the community to accomplish that.

“I want them to look at me and be their biggest role model, and I think just doing this is helping with that,” said Ponsoll.

Ponsoll is a mother raising seven kids while also trying to go to new heights on her fitness journey.

“It would mean the world to me to have them look up to me in a different way rather than a mother, but them be like ‘mom you did that, you did something’ which would be kind of cool,” said Ponsoll.

After giving birth to triplets, Ponsoll found fitness after not being able to do anything for about six months.

“After that, I couldn’t do a pushup, I couldn’t run. I mean it was really hard. So I told myself, I said I’m not going to let this defeat me. I’m not going to stay at home and you know be down. I’m going to work at it. So I started at P90X,” said Ponsoll.

After feeling stagnant during the Coronavirus pandemic, Ponsoll set her sights on a new goal, to be on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

“I just thought why not change that up and be the only one that you know is doing it, and I got some kids you know, multiples, so I got twins and triplets and I’m still going hard. We’re still working on it and I don’t want anyone to think I got kids, I can’t when you can,” said Ponsoll.

After voting for Ponsoll, donations are being accepted to go towards Homes for Wounded Warriors.

“This foundation is giving back to them. They’ve done so much for us to see that you know we think that, but you know where we can see them, you don’t have a home or you know build a home for them and help them get started with their lives again,” said Ponsoll.

Ashley is one of 35 women in her division and currently sits in first place.

She has to finish first in her division by Thursday to advance to their quarter-finals where she then needs even more votes to advance once again to the semi-finals.

Votes for this round will continue until July 15th. Once Ponsoll advances to the quarterfinals, voting will be open for one week.

After this, if she wins the quarterfinals, then Ponsoll will advance to the semifinals for another week.

The winner will be determined by Aug. 5. Click here to vote for Ponsoll.

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