Mystery minister sought after helping save NC teen in I-85 crash

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CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) – A family in Concord is searching for a man being called a “guardian angel” after he helped a teen girl after a car crash.

The crash happened on I-85 north near exit 58 in Concord on August 16.

A 16-year-old driver was hit, her car rocking over then sitting exposed to oncoming traffic.

Just afterward, that girl says a stranger came to her car to protect her, but then disappeared.

That driver is 16-year-old Athena Martini. She made it out of the hospital with some bumps and bruises.

But now, she’s on a search for the man she’s calling her guardian angel.

“He put his life in danger, and for a complete stranger,” said Danielle Martini, Athena’s mother.

Danielle Martini said when her phone rang earlier this month, it was her daughter Athena in a panic.

“I just remember being on my side but before that, going into the divider,” said Athena.

The 16-year-old was driving down 85 when someone hit her and her car spun out.

She was scared she would be hit again by passing traffic. Then she heard a voice.

“I remember freaking out, not sure what to do, and he just came and said ‘I watched this happen, it’s going to be OK’,” said Athena.

“This man who stopped he was, he was an angel,” said Danielle.

Athena couldn’t see out of her car through the deployed airbags.

“He said I’ll stand in front of your car so you are OK and no one can hit you,” said Athena.

“He would be there to protect her and as long as he was there, nobody would hit her again because she was terrified someone would hit her again,” said Danielle.

“Very brave because he didn’t even know me,” said Athena.

Athena says the man stayed out on 85 with her risking his life until first responders arrived, then disappeared.

“I didn’t expect anyone to stop and make sure everything was OK and be that nice,” said Athena.

Now she just wants to find this man, her guardian angel, and say:

“Thank you, he’s my life saver,” said Athena.

“He’s changed her life, right away she said mom, in an instant I could be gone,” said Danielle. ”I just want to hug him because he was truly put in the right place at the right time.”

The family is asking for your help now to track down this man, here are the details they know: he is a pastor who was going out of town on Friday, August 16.

He is CPR-certified. If you know who this might be, leave a comment on WBTV Anne Marie Hagerty’s Facebook page to help him connect with the Martini family.

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