NC woman bonds with noisy neighbor after writing note, baking him a cake

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GREENSBORO, N.C. (WFMY) — When Candice Benbow moved to New Jersey from Winston-Salem, she knew life would be different and she would make new friends. It’s how she made friends with her neighbor that has set Twitter on fire and now everyone wants to bake a cake.

Since moving in, Benbow knew her next door neighborhood played his music loudly, and normally, she wasn’t bothered by it. But, after a long day – and two hours into her sleep – she was shaken awake by noise. Her neighbor was holding a party late at 3 in the morning, and Benbow knew – she was going to have to address the issue this time.

So, she wrote a note, and to make sure it was served up right – she also baked a cake.

Benbow says, when she knocked on the door the next day to drop it off, her neighbor wasn’t there. So, she left the note and cake at the door, and then, posted about it on social media.

“I just cutely put it on Facebook and Instagram andC social media, that I tried to find the nicest way to tell my neighbor to shut up literally,” she laughed.

Two days later, after the post had gone viral, Benbow got a knock on the door – it was her neighbor.

“He said, ‘I’m Tommy, your neighbor!’ And I just started laughing. He starts laughing, we hug each other,” she said.

Tommy Amaro apologized to Benbow, then invited her over to see the speaker – the source of the all the music. After talking, the two quickly came to find out that they had more in common than they would have ever imagined. He’d just lost a daughter earlier that year, and was coping with that unexpected loss.

“I was remembering my first holiday without my mom, my mom passed away three years ago, unexpectedly as well,” Benbow said, “And we began to bond over the fact that you know, you have these two people that come from these vastly different part of the world, or so you think, right? And they’re going through the same thing.”

A dash of compassion and a sprinkle of kindness was a recipe for an unlikely friendship.

“This one thing, this one pound cake, and this really petty letter created this opportunity for him to say hey, it’s been a rough road and for me to say it’s been a rough road for me too,” Benbow said.

For both of them, Benbow said, the experience reminded her of the importance of kindness.

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