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Neighborhood divided over restaurant mural that depicts bunnies having sex

INDIANAPOLIS (WTTV) - A new mural is raising concerns and eyebrows in a Near Eastside neighborhood.

The painting is on the side of a restaurant — and shows two cartoon rabbits having sex.

While some are calling this art, others are calling for it to be removed.

"There's nothing outright obscene with it, or nothing profane," said neighbor Matt Belsaas.

But some neighbors don't want children walking by to see it, as it suggests a sexual act and shows a rabbit smoking.

"It`s promoting cigarettes in the inner-city where people don`t need to be promoting unhealthy habit like that. That`s unacceptable and kids are walking, you`re right next to two schools. Elementary school and middle school. Kids are walking, why do we have to explain to our kids?" said neighbor Valerie Davis.

Acoss the street is Woodruff Place, which has had art for decades.

The owner of Beholder says the mural was done by a graffiti artist from Los Angeles who asked to put her work on the wall.

She finished the job Wednesday.

"Does it go with what we are trying to do at Woodruff Place across the street? Not necessarily, but if it brings some extra attention to the neighborhood in a positive way - we`re all for the better for that," said Belsaas.

Some don't mid these rabbits near their homes. Others want it taken down.

"Would this be acceptable in Carmel? I don`t think so. Would you have went to their neighborhood association to ask? I think you would have. It wouldn`t have just popped up like this," said Valerie Davis.

"I got a great sense of humor and I got an act for art. I see it from an artistic view," said neighbor Johnnye Davis.

The owner of the restaurant said he does not own the building. Upset neighbors in the area said they plan to talk to that person to try to get the mural removed.



We appreciate the interest and feedback from the community on Beholder’s new mural by Jules Muck @muckrock , a prominent L.A. graffiti artist that we are honored to have in our great city. As a restaurant that thrives on creative exploration, we are inspired by local food, the surrounding community, and artists both local and national. We have invested in the near Eastside community, local food vendors, and many artists and artisans who contributed to the unique environment that is Beholder. Inside you will find custom tables and a gold plated bar by Herron graduate and local furniture maker Donald Mee @donaldmee, a mural by another Herron grad, Justin Cooper @coops203, along with graffiti by other local artists @flatlandkitchen @Lucianagape_. On our plates, you find pears from Fruit Loop Acres right down the street as well as ingredients sourced from around the world. We have created this space and this food to encourage our community to explore culinary and cultural boundaries. Not everyone is going to get it - the food- the art - we understand that, but we will continue to support and contribute to the creative culture in Indianapolis. Cheers, Beholder Crew

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