Raleigh native climbs Everest in hopes of inspiring others to donate to charity

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A Raleigh native living in Singapore has just climbed Mount Everest. Not the physical mountain, but its equivalent.

“The building you see behind me is my Everest.”

Mitch Summers spent 30 hours climbing over 57,000 stairs, the equivalent of more than 2800 floors, not for the personal glory or health benefit, but to bring awareness to those working on the front-lines to combat the coronavirus.

“We’re getting sick and tired of being inside, and this was a way to draw attention to the people that are doing good things out there, like front-line workers, the nurses, the people working towards the vaccine, those sorts of things, and those people need more recognition,” Summers said.

Social media is full of new challenges emerging, and Summers hopes this challenge will help those in need.

Summers explains, “The Everest Challenge was essentially, well we’re going to do this grandiose thing. I don’t want you guys to go do 30 hour stair challenge; that’s unrealistic. But let’s pick a number that’s doable, so we came up with 25, and then donate $25 to charity, and then challenge 5 people.”

Summers chose the CARE Organization for their work in helping fight COVID-19. He hopes the challenge inspires others to donate to a cause they are passionate about helping.

“I just hope that this inspires people to look beyond the physical challenge of this and to look at the greater picture and the greater good we can do here, and it only works if we do it and then challenge 5 people. That’s how we can make this spread.”

The Everest Challenge is: climb 25 floors, donate $25, and challenge 5 people.

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