GLOUCESTER, England (WNCN) – “2022 women’s cheese rolling world champion” may sound a bit cheesy to some, but for 21-year-old North Carolina State University graduate Abby Lampe, her cheesy grin says it all.

The recent Wolfpack grad became the world cheese-rolling champion in England on Sunday in the 2022 Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, the university announced in a statement.

The Smithfield native woke up Sunday to find a video of her chasing a cheese wheel down a 200-yard hill had gone viral on Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, the statement said.

During the contest, a wheel of cheese is rolled down a hill, and contestants go tumbling after it. The contestant who catches the cheese wheel wins and also gets to keep it as their prize.

“Scratched and bruised from the 15-second (somewhat) controlled tumble down the 200-yard hill, the renown cheese-chasing champ did interviews with British media after the event, which draws spectators from around the world, then left for a local pub, cheese wheel in hand,” NC State’s statement said.

A North Carolina State University graduate becomes the cheese-rolling champion of the world (NC State University news release).

The statement said Lampe beat “more than a dozen competitors to win the women’s division” and “took a bit of a diagonal route”.

WGHP contributed to this story.