GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – He was killed two decades ago, and now his wife is charged in his murder.

News 2 spoke with a man who may have found the crime scene in Larry Hughes’ murder.

Richard Pierce (WKRN) and Larry Hughes (Giles County Sheriff’s Department)

It’s a dream home for the Pierces, but the property might have a dark past. The story starts a decade ago when Richard Pierce ripped up his carpet for new flooring.

“When I pulled the pad up, there was just a big old circle right here,” explained Pierce. “This is where Larry got killed.”

Larry Hughes had owned the home in the 90s before being shot to death and dumped along a Giles County road.

It was a cold case that caught fire last year.

“The detective come up to our place of business, said they’re re-opening the case,” said Pierce. “I said, ‘I can show you where the blood was.'”

The wood, though, had been ripped out during renovations. Undeterred, detectives swooped in.

Investigators didn’t just stick to the floors. They scanned the walls as well, finding possible DNA evidence – though results were inconclusive.

They even focused in on the old well out back.

“Just running a camera down it. They went all the way to the bottom of it,” said Pierce.

Though a positive DNA match wasn’t found inside the property, the state believes Larry’s killer was close to home.

Mary Ann Hughes, Larry’s wife, was arrested and charged last month for first-degree murder.

Her first court appearance is fast approaching as Pierce prepares to possibly take the stand as a state witness.

“Just another day at the office, I’ll tell them what I told him,” he said. “If she done it, it’s about time.”

Mary Ann Hughes is set to be arraigned later this month, and the investigation continues as authorities believe she didn’t act alone in the crime.