TSA releases images of Top 10 weirdest items confiscated in 2018

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WASHINGTON (CNN Newsource) — Who says the TSA doesn’t have a sense of humor? They clearly do. 

The Transportation Security Administration released the 10 strangest items it confiscated in 2018. 

The list includes a few things you may expect — like knives and a hatchet. 

But there’s also a live snake, a ridiculously fake time bomb strapped to a clock radio, and what appears to be hand grenades with little tuxedos painted on them. 

What qualifies as the single most unusual item might be subjective.

The TSA gave that dubious honor to a Freddy Krueger glove — just like the one used by the character in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” films, complete with finger knives. 

Here’s hoping no one tries to bring Leather Face’s chain saw aboard in 2019.

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