BALTIMORE, Md. (CNN Newsource) – They’re twins, roommates, and on Friday, they’ll celebrate a very special day together: their 100th birthday.

Identical twins George and Jim Martin have packed a lot into their 100 years of life.

From sail boats to airplanes, the two have certainly kept their sense of humor and lived life to the fullest.

“I like to go places, do things and keep active,” said George.

Born just minutes apart, on Nov. 15, 1919, they spent most of their life in Baltimore.

“I don’t feel old,” said Jim.

“I’m a city person, I’m no country boy,” George stated.

The two would serve their country during WWII.

Jim in the Merchant Marine, George in the United States Army.

George lost an arm in a training exercise, an accident that introduced him to his wife, Ruth.

“She was my nurse. I looked at her, she looked at me and that was it. Boom,” recalls Geroge.

Ruth passed away a few years aho, and it was then that the brothers decided to move back in together.

“Dad said oh I’ve roomed with my brother before but I said Dad that was 80 years ago,” said George’s son, George Martin III.

But the two brothers are partners in crime.

“How they made it to 100 sometimes is beyond me, because I think they were just ornery enough to outlive everybody,” said George Martin III.

But if you ask Jim and George, their secret is in the way they lived their lives.

“Go places and see things and meet as many people as you can. Be active,” advises George.

Another tip from the guys? Don’t overeat!