VIDEO: Man stuffs large shell down pants, walks out of store without paying

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MARION, IL (KFVS/WNCN) — Some confusing surveillance video has an Illinois pet shop owner — and people across the country — scratching their heads.

On Christmas Eve, cameras at the store caught a man stuffing a large plastic shell down his pants. He then walked out without paying for it.

A woman who works at the store said they’ve had things go missing, but never quite like this.

“I can’t believe that’s what he chose to take. Out of all the things in here, there’s so many more things that are just the same size and 10 times more expensive, you’d think that they’d go for something worth possibly doing jail time over,” said Victoria Lynch. “He must have needed it real bad. Hopefully it was a gift for somebody, if he needed it that bad.”

The shell costs about $40 and Lynch said the store’s not worried about recovering it.

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