PHOENIX (KRON) – A video going viral shows a woman at a Phoenix gas station slap another woman for berating her with racist language and grabbing her.

In the video posted to Facebook on Saturday by Greg Conn, a white woman at the convenience store can be heard telling a customer at checkout, later identified in the post as Karina Rodriguez, that she wasn’t welcome in the store.

The woman tells Rodriguez to “go back to your country” then asks her where she was born.

“I was born in America, b***h, where are your ancestors from?” Rodriguez responds.

As Rodriguez and a man with her grab their bag from the checkout counter and head for the door, the woman tells Rodriguez she’s ”going back to Mexico” and grabs her arm, telling Rodriguez to ”keep your hands off me.”

She also tells the clerk not to serve Rodriguez.

That’s when Rodriguez slaps her in the face.

“You deserved it, in my opinion,” Conn can be heard saying to the woman as she leaves.

“Racism is alive and well,” Conn said in his Facebook post. 

Conn also said the clerk “stayed relaxed and professional” and escorted the unidentified woman to her car despite being “yelled at by this lady” and witnessing “the racist rant.”

“I believe he also deserves recognition,” he said.

Since it was posted, the video has since been shared more than 19,000 times.

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