WATER VALLEY, Tenn. (WNCN) – Do you have $725,000 laying around? If so, you could own your own small town in Tennessee!

The town of Water Valley is listed as “for sale” by a realtor in Tennessee. The 7-acre town is right out of the early 1900s with front-porch rocking chairs and general stores.

Water Valley is situated along Leiper’s Creek about 50 miles southwest of Nashville. Real estate agent Christa Swartz described it as a “sleepy little jewel of a leftover town from 100 years ago.”

“The most activity you typically will find might be a few cows in the road, the schools of fish in the clear bottomed Leiper’s Creek that flows through the middle of things, or perhaps on Friday nights when everyone gathers at the local community center for live music and country dances,” Swartz wrote.

“It is like a step back in time and besides the compelling signs telling me I need to buy Vicks Vap-o-Rub or a Grape Soda, or Snuff, there is something more compelling about the feel of time slowed down and quiet enough to hear the crickets and birds and important things in life.”

Water Valley was one of the first settlements in Maury County, Tennessee. It has the county’s earliest marked grave, which is from 1808.

One Twitter user called it a real-life Schitt’s Creek. The TV show tells the story of a well-to-do family that is defrauded of its fortune. All they’re left with is a small town the father bought his son as a joke birthday gift.

Transforming the town into a bed and breakfast destination is a creative proposition made in the property description.

According to the description, the listing comes with four pre-1900 general stores, a barn, and “the most beautiful frontage along Leiper’s Creek.” Two of the buildings have updated wiring and plumbing.