CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – A Cary man with a life-threatening medical condition is getting deported.

“We come before you this afternoon with anger and weeping at the injustice that our country has shown to our brother Gilles,” said a woman leading prayer.

Prayers are lifted for Gilles Bikindou.

Several supporters met at Greenwood Forest Baptist Church Thursday upset with ICE for deporting Bikindou.

He came to America in 2004 from the Republic of Congo on a visa study.

But his attorney Hans Linnartzsays when Bikindou arrived in the U.S., he wouldn’t cooperate with Congo officials.

“He would not give a false testimony so they withdrew his funding for his program United States of study in the United States and he understands and he understands quite logically that his life is in danger,” said Linnartz.

Since 2006, Bikindou had been a member of this church.

Members say he followed the law and worked while living in Cary.

Supporters fear a life-threatening medical condition Bikindou has will cost him his life when he gets back to the Republic of Congo.

“It’s hard to know the attitude of the current government in Congo as we know from our own experience governments change,” said Linnartz. “But Gilles’ very genuinely fearful of going back there.”

Linnartz says there are a few options to save Bikindou. ICE could stop the deportation, or president Donald Trump could step in.

“The president of the United States could grant him a pardon,” said Linnartz. “[Trump] could say he will let him stay in the United States.”

He doesn’t think either option will happen. Linnartz says what ICE has done is legal and they have authority to do so. However, he says, that doesn’t make it right.

“Legal authority exist this for the for the American government to do an awful lot of very harsh things and they have done so here,” he said.

Linnartz say he is concerned about his client and the future of America, wondering if the government will continue to follow the law, or do what he believes is right in the sight of God.WHAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON