Dads step up to help NC middle school win baseball game after 5-year losing streak


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – At the start of this Walter R. Johnson Middle School Yellow Jacket season, the baseball team faced a curveball.

As Kevin Kee’s son Jalen told him, they didn’t have a coach.

“He came to me twice, and he came to me again,” Kee says. “I couldn’t sleep that night.”

The dad did some digging, asking around. Eventually, he stepped in, himself.

“I couldn’t let him down and not play, because he didn’t have a coach,” he said.

Here’s the thing – Kee really has no baseball experience. He only had so many places to turn for inspiration.

“YouTube videos,” he said, laughing. “Signing up with USA baseball.”

To make matters more challenging, it had been five years since the Jackets had a team win.

Until recently.

“First game in 1,829 games,” Kee said.

After so long, the Jackets finally know what it’s like to see a “W.”

“I caught the final ball,” said player Joel Logan. “He threw it, and I was like ‘don’t drop this, don’t drop this.’”

“I have one son that actually won the state championship in high school,” his dad George Logan said. “And it rivals that.”

George Logan remembers talking to Kee when he took on the coaching duty.

“I said, ‘Well, if you need someone, I’ll help you,’” he says. “And I was just saying it, you know?”

Now, he too finds himself alongside the other dads who’ve stepped in to create a coaching staff for their boys. Their dedication is teaching the kids about stepping up when moments demand.

“Life is like baseball,” Logan said. “You’ve got to adjust, you’ve got to modify, you’ve got to get over it, and you’ve got to move on.”

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