Durham Dark and Mysterious Ghost Walk details spooky history of the Bull City

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With Halloween approaching, you may be looking for a spooky good time – filled with tales of ghosts. One company in Durham provides a walking ghost tour that may give you that fix.

Tobacco Road Tours has a Durham Dark & Mysterious Ghost Walk that visits six different sites in the Bull City to explain the sordid past that leaves the city haunted.

“Yeah, so this is a tour that we run on Friday and Saturday nights here in the Bull City. It is an hour and a half long walking tour. We move from the American Tobacco Campus and loop through downtown. We stop at a number of historic sites and locations, and I tell a fun ghost story at each one,” explains Maxine Vande Vaarst, one of the tour guides for Tobacco Road Tours.

As with everything, the coronavirus pandemic slowed down business during the Spring, but as we move closer to Halloween, more people have been coming out and hearing about the Bull City’s spooky past.

“It has been a difficult process,” explains Vande Vaarst. “For several months we weren’t running the tours while things were shut down. We thought that that was the right decision to make. Lately with the beautiful weather, people have wanted to go out and explore the city again. Especially now that it’s Halloween season, and so we have been running our tours, but we have been staying strictly outside.”

There are aspects of true history contained within the tour, but the objective is to also have you believing in the ghostly stories by the time they finish.

“If you’re coming on the tour for the first time, I would say be prepared to have some fun. Keep an open mind about ghosts. Our guests are a mix of believers and maybe not disbelievers but those who aren’t yet convinced. We hope that by the end of the tour that everyone will believe. That’s one of our big goals. So be ready to have fun; be ready to hear some great ghost stories, and just keep an open mind about the supernatural.

Tobacco Road Tours also offers the ghost walk in Raleigh. They provide historic tours as well that skip the ghost tales and detail the true history of the Triangle cities. For more information or to book your tour, check out their website.

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