Haunted Hills Terror Drive promises socially distanced scares

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As we get closer to Halloween, many of your favorite spooky attractions may be closed, but we found a place that gives you all the thrills and scares of Halloween while being able to social distance in your car. Just outside of Pittsboro is Haunted Hills Terror Drive to give you a fright in the comfort of your vehicle.

By day, Shakori Hills is a peaceful spot in Pittsboro. By night, it transforms into a trail of terror. Dennis De Francesco and Christie Cook of Art of Motion Events have taken their creative minds and created a Halloween haunting that’s well worth the drive.

“Haunted Hills Terror Drive is kind of like a drive-thru haunted house. Basically, you are driving through at a slow speed, 3 mph, and you encounter 15 to 18 difference scenes with live actors. We have about 30 actors that are immersed into the scenes in the woods.” Cook explains.

From the actors to the props, everything is local at Haunted Hills.

“We hired a couple of creative people, local creative people, that helped us with the props. We hired a local musician to narrate the audio file that we offer as part of your ticket purchase. So we’re trying to keep it local. We’re trying to use as many local people as possible. We have up to 30 actors a night on any given night that we’re open, and they’re all local,” says De Francesco.

Don’t worry about searching for your terrifying tunes for your drive, Haunted Hills has you covered with two separate audio files to play during your trip.

“The first audio download is one we ask that you play 10 minutes before you arrive as you’re driving out through these hills,” Cook says. “To get here, you have to drive out through these country roads, so it’s a perfect setting. It enhances and makes the experience longer for attendees, and it tells the story of what happened at haunted hills, and the story of four teenagers that went out for a joy ride on an autumn night and were never seen again. The second audio download is one that we ask you play as you drive through which just provides a little more atmosphere through the drive-thru.”

You’ll be surrounded as you creep along, but you will be safe.  

“No one is ever going to touch your car,” assures De Francesco. “No one is going to bang on your windows. They can’t reach inside your car. They’re keeping a COVID-safe distance. They may walk alongside you; they’re going to peer in creepily, and they’re going to talk to you and engage you, but it’s definitely a COVID-safe event.”

Haunted Hills isn’t just about tricks. They’re also treating their neighbors in need during these difficult times.

“When we were planning this, we wanted to do as much for the community as possible, so that’s where we came up that we would take cans for CORA Food Bank here locally in Chatham County. So every night that we’re open, people can bring canned goods and drop them off.”

Haunted Hills Terror Drive is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights through Halloween.

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