HENDERSON, N.C. (WNCN) — More than two dozen potholes on a busy road in north-central North Carolina has one driver frustrated because her car was damaged after hitting one.

Cindy Radford wants the North Carolina Department of Transportation to improve Southerland Mill Road.

“The road has bad potholes on the road and on the shoulders,” Radford said in an email to CBS 17’s traffic anchor Laura Smith. “The road is already a narrow road so avoiding the potholes by driving around them put you at risk either way you drive on the other side or the shoulder.”

Radford said one of the potholes caused damage to her vehicle over the summer.

“My rim was completely broken and tire damaged by the shoulder damage,” said Radford.

CBS 17 took her concerns to the NCDOT and found crews patched the potholes back in February.

According to spokesperson Marty Homan, “we patched 18 potholes on Southerland Mill Rd on 2/15 and another 10 potholes on 2/17. We also performed some significant shoulder repairs at the same time.”

He said once the state is alerted to potholes on any road, crews respond and patch. You can report potholes to the NCDOT here.

Southerland Mill Road in Henderson was last resurfaced in 2010 and is currently scheduled to be resurfaced again in 2027.

Cindy Radford hopes to see improvements sooner than that since it’s a busy and narrow road. She filed a damage report with the NCDOT but says she has not heard back.

You can learn more about filing damage claims with the NCDOT if you believe a pothole damaged your car.

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